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神戸女学院大学音楽部卒業。大学時代からタンゴダンスに深く興味を持ち、ダンスを踊りにミロンガに足繁く通う。卒業後はJazzの勉強の為、単身で1年間ニューヨークへ渡り、Mike Leddone(マイク・ルドン)氏に師事をする。2011年、アルゼンチン人の夫の影響でタンゴピアノに目覚める。ピアソラ最後の5重奏団のピアニストであるPablo Ziegler(パブロ・シーグレル)氏にヌエボタンゴを、そして日本を代表するタンゴピアニストの巨匠、岩崎浤之氏に古典タンゴ及びアレンジを師事。2013年に5か月間、単身でアルゼンチンはブエノスアイレスに渡り、Hernan Possetti(エルナン・ポセッティ)氏に師事。「カルロス・ガルデル ミュージアム」でコンサートを行う。また、滞在中にアルゼンチンメンバーとレコーディングを行い、ファーストアルバム"Tango de Buenos Aires"(タンゴ・デ・ブエノスアイレス)をリリース。帰国後はタンゴにすべてを捧げるべく、自身でイベントやミロンガなども企画し立ち上げ、精力的に演奏活動を続けている。

Kaori began to play the piano at very early age. She studied classical music in Osaka and earned her degree at the University of Kobe in 2000. Years later, she went to New York and studied jazz with pianist Mike Leddone. Back to Japan, Kaori was recruited by famous Japanese pop singer as a personal manager and settled in tokyo. In 2011 she discovered tango. She found Hiroshi Iwasaki and learned from him piano and arrangements. She met Pablo Ziegler (who was Astor Piazzolla's pianist) for a master class and kept studying with him when he comes to Japan. In 2013 she went to Buenos Aires, Argentina for 5 months to improve skills with Hernan Possetti and to record the first CD at "ION estudio" under his direction. Kaori was later invited to play a concert for piano solo and duets with Eva Wolff at "Casa de Gardel". Before the departure to Japan, the tango magazine "La Milonga" interviewed her. Once back to Japan, she dedicate the time to accompany musicians and also to hold own events with musicians from Japan and abroad.



CD recorded in Argentina

directed by Hernan Possetti. featuring Eva Wolff, Leonardo Ferreyra, Tito Gomez, Andres Serafini, German Martinez. Recording engineer: Jorge "Portugues" Da Silva.

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Kaori lives in Cremona, northern Italy. She never hesitate to travel around the world to play for enthusiastic audience.


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